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Immune Milk Protein Concentrate (SMPC)
Patented membrane filtration technology
retains immune biologic factors

Immune Milk Protein Concentrate (SMPC) is a powdered product made by defatting, sterilizing, and removing lactose and salts from immune milk, and then dried by low temperature spray. The protein content is more than 80%. Not only does it preserve antibody activity, but it contains special anti-inflammatory factors. When the disease causes inflammation, it can effectively reduce inflammation and restore the body to a normal state.


Taking Immune Milk Protein Concentrate (SMPC) can regulate our immunity, fight chronic inflammation, and maintain immunity in a balanced state, which not only maintains health, but also delays the speed of human aging.

Natural anti-inflammatory effect
get rid of disease and increase longevity

The literature published by Immune Milk Protein Concentrate (SMPC) focuses on arthritis with excellent results. In human clinical trails, the anti-inflammatory effect surpassed glucosamine after consumption 4-6 weeks. Immune Milk Protein Concentrate (SMPC) also significantly reduces the swelling & pain of the joints and the concentration of autoimmune antibodies near the joints. However, not only the human body, but also can be widely used in various pets.


In many countries such as Europe, America, China, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia, many people or pet health supplements containing Immune Milk Protein Concentrate (SMPC) have been marketed. This shows the health benefits of Immune Milk Protein Concentrate (SMPC) are market-proven and convenient for new product development.

Immune today, healthy everyday.

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