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Our Partners


Since 1991

Taiwan - Asia's first region to sell immune milk, Lanfar International Co., Ltd. started the business of immune milk selling has been over 25 years, and it was called the best sale company of milk powder by Taiwan's media.

Since 1995

Japan - Currently has three partners, including Kanamatsu Wellness, STOLLE Japan and Ortho Wellness, and is the most diversified region for immune milk.


Since 1997

Malaysia - Malaysia is a multicultural country that needs to make adaptations and stick to the market, and STOLLE (M) team has proved their resilience and will shine in the future.


Since 2003

China - Shanghai Lanfar company lets immune milk into thousands of families, the completed education and training system make the new concept of immune balance more permeable and help children win the starting point of life.

Immune today, healthy everyday.

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