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Worldwide immune milk patents

SMBI has an extensive patent estate that protects its research and development of milk-based products with health benefits. Among the patents that SMBI has been issued during the company's four decades of innovation in milk science are:

  1. ● Hyperimmunization
  2. ● Antihypertensive hyperimmune milk, production, composition, and use
  3. ● Anti-Inflammatory factor, method of Isolation, and use
  4. ● Method for treating disorders of the vascular and pulmonary systems
  5. ● The use of hyperimmune milk to prevent suppression of T-lymphocyte
  6. ● Immune suppressive product
  7. ● Method of treating protozoal gastrointestinal disorders by
       administering hyperimmune milk product
  8. ● The use of hyperimmune milk to increase longevity
  9. ● Prevention and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
  10. ● Dental caries inhibiting product of immunized cow's milk having
       antibodies specific to killed Streptococcus mutans cells

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