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Immune Milk Powder (SMP)
Sữa bột miễn dịch 
Natural milk source is processed by patented technology
on a dedicated production line
Nguồn sữa tự nhiên được chế biến bằng công nghệ đã được cấp bằng sáng chế trên dây chuyền sản xuất chuyên dụng

1987, immune milk partnership with Fonterra to produce "Immune Milk Powder (SMP)". Fonterra is a global co-operative dairy company and is one of the world's largest dairy exporters, making it one of the world's six leading dairy companies. Fonterra Group occupies a unique global position in processing technology, with strict quality testing and processing systems, as well as exceptional research professionals ensuring that Fonterra Group will provide products of the highest quality.


The Immune Milk Program starts with careful selection of the contract farms, a patented hyperimmunization process, followed by milk collection, milk powder manufacturing, quality control testing and distribution. All processes are carried out in New Zealand.

High technology production maintains biologic factors
100% quality assurance
Sản xuất công nghệ cao duy trì các yếu tố sinh học đảm bảo chất lượng 100%

Immune Milk Powder (SMP) has developed a variety of protective specific antibodies and immune factors with hyperimmunization, which not only provides nutrients of milk, but also has the excellent benefits of regulating human immunity.


Each batch of Immune Milk Powder (SMP) has over 35 quality tests performed. Tests cover chemical, microbiological, physical, functional, sensory and trace elements which includes total and specific IgG and IgA. Tests take 21 days to complete. No product is released prior to the 21 day testing period and approval by QA/QC staff.


After Immune Milk Powder (SMP) is packed into bags, the microbiological testing is conducted on every day’s production at Asure Quality to ensure the highest quality Stolle products are delivered to the consumer’s hands.

Immune today, healthy everyday.

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