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The Ohio Survey

The cornerstone of the commercialization of S100 immune milk is the "Ohio Survey" of the S100 immune milk drinking survey in the United States. In the 1960s, in order to prove that S100 immune milk can improve the quality of human life and bring health to humans, S100 immune milk inventor Ralph‧Stolle distributed free S100 immune milk to people in need and hired a professional medical team Record in detail the feeling after drinking and its improvement effect. Over 8,000 records accumulated in 36 years are called "Ohio Survey" after finishing.

"Ohio Survey" began in 1960 and continued until 1996, and was conducted in two stages. Users participating in the "Ohio Survey" must cooperate with filling in the questionnaire in detail and record their personal basic information, such as gender, age, weight, height, physical health and history of diseases, drug use, etc. Participants drink one or more glasses of S100 immunized milk every day on an empty stomach. Through the large-scale collection of consumer data on the use of S100 immunized milk, to understand whether the product can bring benefits to users, and more importantly, confirm the S100 immunization Milk has no side effects.

The first phase of the survey began from 1960 to 1985. The total number of participants was 3,545, of which 40% were men and 60% were women. The average duration of S100 immunization milk use was 8.83 months. It's arthritis. The results showed that the improvement rate for overall health was 88.6%, the improvement rate for all arthritis was 81%, the improvement rate for rheumatoid arthritis was 84%, and the improvement rate for allergies and asthma was 92%. The second phase of the investigation began from 1992 to 1996, and a total of 4,867 people participated in this phase of the investigation. The results showed that the improvement rate for overall health was 73.5%, the improvement rate for all arthritis was 86.7%, the improvement rate for rheumatoid arthritis was 86.8%, and the improvement rate for allergies was 74.8%. In addition, users also found that sleep quality after using S100 immune milk has also been greatly improved. At the same time, the results also show that the longer the drinking, the more obvious the improvement. The two-stage investigation has no side effects except that a few people have symptoms of lactose intolerance.
Ohio Survey (1960-1996)
Condition Rate of improvement Condition Rate of improvement
Blood pressure 70.7% Indigestion 79.1%
Blood cholesterol 77.4% Stomach discomfort 85.5%
Heart problems 86.1% Constipation 73.1%
Sleep problem 78.3% Gastric ulcer 82.4%
Sleep disorder 73.9% Energy 80.0%
Headache 88.2% Bad breath 76.0%
Osteoarthritis 85.9% Allergy 67.8%
Arthritis 86.6% Cancer 75.4%
Rheumatoid arthritis 87.6% Systemic lupus erythematosus 78.6%

Ohio survey is an index report on the safety and efficacy of S100 immune milk. According to this report, S100 Immune Milk was able to carry out various independent scientific clinical trials and establish the five major health values of S100 Immune Milk.

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