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The Ohio Survey

From 1960 to 1996, SMBI distributed, free of charge, a powdered drink containing milk micronutrients to consumers around its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Consumers were asked to complete and return survey forms to the company. This 35-year study, which documented over 8,000 case histories, has become known as the Ohio Survey.

The Ohio Survey is a landmark study of the safety and efficacy of SMBI's milk micronutrients. We know of no other dietary supplement with such extensive documentation of use and effects. The intent of the Survey was to gather a large database of consumer usage to understand both the safety and benefits of daily consumption of the milk micronutrients. Data gathered from participants included basic background information on sex, age, weight, height, doctor's or subject's assessment of health status including any known ailments, and a general health history with documentation of any medications. Participants were asked to consume 45 grams of powder containing the special milk micronutrients which was typically reconstituted with water and consumed once daily as a beverage. Participants were asked to periodically complete survey forms to document their health status and any side effects.

During the first fifteen years of the survey, the company documented 3,545 case histories. The results showed that the products was well tolerated and, more importantly, that the users perceived significant health benefits. In the early 1990's SMBI computerized the database and during the last five years of the Survey, documented another 4,867 consumers experiences with the supplement. The accompanying table shows the total number of participants, their reported conditions at the beginning of the survey and the percentage that reported improvement. As can be seen, 73.5% of all consumers reported an improvement in their overall health.

The company used the results of the Ohio Survey to steer its clinical research efforts. Since the survey was not a controlled clinical trial, the company took the further step of conducting a multitude of controlled clinical trials, conducted by independent research organizations under controlled conditions, confirming many of the findings in the Ohio Survey.

Ohio Survey (1960-1996)
Condition Rate of improvement Condition Rate of improvement
Blood pressure 70.7% Indigestion 79.1%
Blood cholesterol levels 77.4% Stomach discomfort 85.5%
Heart problems 86.1% Constipation 73.1%
Sleep problem 78.3% Gastric ulcer 82.4%
Sleep disorder 73.9% Energy 80.0%
Headache 88.2% Bad breath 76.0%
Osteoarthritis 85.9% Allergy 67.8%
Arthritis 86.6% Cancer 75.4%
Rheumatoid arthritis 87.6% Systemic lupus erythematosus 78.6%

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