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Highland Biotech: The strategic partner of Stolle

Highland Biotech Co., Ltd belongs to and has leading position in Stolle Asia. Stolle Asia is the strategic partner of Stolle Milk Biologics, Inc. (SMBI) in Asia. Our primary objective is to develop novel health products based on proprietary Stolle ingredients.

SMBI has conducted an intensive research and development effort to successfully develop Stolle Milk into a range of products designed to improve one’s overall health. Stolle products have been awarded more than 200 patents covering specific health product manufacturing processes and applications. All Stolle patents are based on well-designed scientific investigations including human clinical trials, animal studies and laboratory studies.

Stolle ingredients are manufactured in New Zealand by one of the leading global dairy companies and meet the latest New Zealand EIA standards. As with other dairy products of New Zealand origin, Stolle ingredients are processed under strict standards and quality control procedures. Stolle ingredients are compositionally and nutritionally identical to corresponding conventional dairy powders. However, due to Stolle’s patented technologies, the resulting ingredients possess many unique health benefits.

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