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Fig. 1. Once people reach an age beyond 20 years, immunity begins to decline with advancing age, and the time needed for recovery following disease and injury increases greatly.

Aging is inevitable and as we age, we become more susceptible to diseases because our immune systems decline as part of the aging process. A weak immune system is closely associated with the stresses of everyday life. For the typical individual, the effectiveness of the immune system reaches its peak at around 20 years of age, while at around 40 years of age only about half of the original effectiveness remains and at around 70 years of age only about 10% of the original immune system’s effectiveness remains. Another consequence of aging is that recovery from diseases and injuries is more difficult and time consuming (Fig. 1)(1).

Environmental factors such as stress, poor diet and disease may lower the effectiveness of the immune system. In addition to weakened resistance to pathogens, many other diseases related to a weakened or unbalance immune system can occur such as autoimmune diseases, adult degenerative diseases, allergies, and many others(2, 3).


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