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  1. 1. S100 Milk has been shown to enhance the activity of phagocytes(8) and promote IgA secretion by GALT(12), preventing the translocation and invasion of potentially harmful intestinal bacteria.
  2. 2. S100 Milk can activate many types of immunocytes in the body. Not only are IELs in the GALT activated, but also immunocytes in the MLNs along with SPLs and Kupffer cells, improving both specific, adaptive immunity along with nonspecific, innate immunity(8, 12, 13).
  3. 3. The anti-inflammatory components in S100 Milk may regulate cytokines and inhibit inflammation(9).
  4. 4. S100 Milk has been shown to prevent the decline of T lymphocyte function and the deterioration of immune function associated with the aging process(14, 15).
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