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The immune system has two major parts, namely the innate and the adaptive immune systems. The innate immune system is not specific and functions as the first line of defense to resist pathogens. This line of defense stops most pathogens before they can cause obvious infection. If the first line of defense fails to resist the pathogens, the adaptive immune system will be activated, triggering specific defensive responses customized for each of the various pathogens attempting to invade the body. In addition, adaptive immunity will develop specific “immunologic” memory for the pathogens it encounters, which allow it to more rapidly defend against those specific diseases when encountered again in the future (Table 1)(4).

  Innate immunity Adaptive immunity
Mode of action Recognize common structures on pathogens, and then rapidly eliminate them. Recognize unique structures (antigens) on pathogens and then produce specific antibodies against those antigens.
Characteristics Rapid response. No memory or specificity. Immunity doesn’t increase with repeated infections. Slower response. Strong memory and specificity. Immunity increases with repeated infections.
Soluble factors Complement, interferon Antibody
Key cells involved Phagocyte, NK cell B- & T- lymphocytes
Table 1. Various molecules and cells involved in innate and adaptive immunity(4).

S100 Milk is produced using a special low-temperature manufacturing process, which preserves the activity of antibodies and other bioactive molecules. In addition, S100 Milk also contains special anti-inflammatory factors(5), giving the product the ability to effectively relieve inflammation caused by diseases thereby helping to promote better health. S100 Milk regulates and balances our immune system, maintaining our immune system at an optimal state. A healthy immune system not only reduces the incidence of diseases such as the common cold and flu, but also prevents the age associated decline in immunity and the subsequent occurrence of infections and autoimmunity, effectively slowing down the aging process(5). Scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that S100 products provide significant support for a healthy immune system(6, 7).

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