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Proper Joint Care
  1. ● Clinical studies in humans with arthritis demonstrate that S100 products can effectively reduce joint pain and joint stiffness experienced during daily activities(17, 18).
  2. ● Within 4 weeks, human subjects experience noticeable improvements in joint health(17).
  3. ● Awarded US patent for the prevention and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, No. 4,732,757(25).
  4. ● Awarded US patent for the anti-inflammatory active substance, No. 5,980,953(26).
  5. ● All components are natural anti-inflammatory substances, without any known side effects(25).
  6. ● The Ohio Survey consisting of more than 8,000 human subjects conducted for 36 years showed that consuming S100 Milk improved symptoms of arthritis such as pain, swelling and disability in over eighty percent of participants(27).
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